Immune Boost Formula

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Immune Boost Formula

A strong Immune system is  key to good health!

Super charge your immune system, today. The Immune Boost formula targets the body’s deepest line of defense. These herbs bring support to all deep immune functions and activate cellular immunity. The five mushrooms in this formula have been researched in Japan and have been shown to improve the immune systems in people with weaken immune systems.  These mushrooms,  are shown to have anti-cancer  properties as well.  Studies have shown that these mushrooms, when used with traditional treatment  for cancer, have improved survival rates and reduced side effects.  This formula is designed to boost an under active immune system. A strong  immune system, will help to fight off  (pathogens) disease causing agents such as viruses and cancers. 

The Immune Boost  formula can be used when there is chronic immune deficiency or breakdown of the deep immunity. Or it can be  used  in building the immune system up which assist in preventing  disease. 

Use as an adjunct to the treatment of cancer, A.I.D.S, arthritis, lupus, blood disorders, anemia, amenorrhea, Epstein Barr Virus, and Pre-Coronavirus. This compound may also be used when there are recurring cold/flu infections, which prevail chronically throughout the winter. A strong Immune system is one of  your best defenses against disease. Start today!