Income Opportunity


Would you like to enjoy health & financial freedom?
Become a Health and Wellness Consultant!


  • Ground floor opportunity—$132 billion dollar dietary supplement industry
  • 6-figure per year income potential--Residual income, generous compensation plan, immediate income
  • Comprehensive training/ ongoing support systems--Product knowledge, salesmanship, and ongoing support,
  • Quality products people want and need--All natural herbal remedies
  • Turn key business Training, Support, and Marketing Materials: Low startup cost

Two Coming American Trends

Home Based Business:
The first segment which will witness the next American Trends will be the home based business industry. This industry is a $427 billion dollar industry, with 38 million home based business in the U.S and has a 12% growth rate per year. About 32 % of all the new self-made millionaires, in the past 5 years, where in a home base business. And 20% of all home based business make between 100k to 500k per year income. There is a home based business started every 12 seconds in the America The reason for this type of growth is because many have decided to take control of their financial future. These people know that if they don’t do something now it may be too late in the future. They also want the freedom to choose when, where, and with whom they will work, as well as the rewards of financial freedom. The security of financial freedom brings with it the added benefit of quality time with friends and family, or having and doing the things you always wanted. 70 % of home base business succeed within 3 years vs 30% for regular businesses.

The Dietary Supplement Industry:
The second segment to experience the next American trend will be in dietary supplement industry. Forbes, has identified the health and nutritional supplement market as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Every month 300 million people Google Herbal Products. The dietary supplement industry has grown to a $132 billion a year industry, with even higher growth expected in the future. It is predicted that this industry will grow to 1 trillion dollars in the next few year. The reason for this explosive growth is that people are tired of being sick and tired and being drugged out of their minds with prescription drugs. People are looking for safe and effective alternatives because prescription drugs have become to expense and have too many side effective. Another reason is that the aging baby boomer population are reaching the age where health and quality of life is becoming a major concern and are turning more to natural healing and health. The main problem has been that public education, in regards to herbs, supplements and diets, has been slow in coming, as well as having been fragmented and, sometimes, misleading. The facts are with the air, water, and food we eat all being filled with chemical poisons, people are getting sicker. This is causing more and more people to look for ways to maintain their health naturally. Many of the diseases killing American could have been prevented

A Changing America
The days when Americans could work 30 to 40 years at a company and retire are gone. With corporate downsizing, layoffs, and mergers, continuing, job security in America is at an all time low. Additionally, the future promises negative economic trends, not to mention concerns about retirement. By age 65, 30% of the people in the United States are dependent upon subsidies, 23% are still working and only 2% are self-sustained. Many working people today, perhaps even you, are not getting salary increases that keep pace with the cost-of-living. The quality of life for many has changed so much that many are working two or more jobs, or too many hours with no spare personal time or time to spend with their families. This often leads to unfulfilled expectations. You may be asking yourself: "Is this all there is?"

The Complete Opportunity
Market Potential
In the United States there are over 100 billion baby boomers that are at the stage of their lives where they are concerned with the future with regard to financial security, health and nutrition, and quality of life. The aging baby boomer population in the U.S.A has a lot of anxiety around the uncertainty of Medicaid and Medicare. As a result, people are seeking alternative ways to stay healthy. The majority of U.S. adults -68% take dietary supplements and consumers confidence remains high: with 84% with overall confidence in the safety, quality and effectiveness of dietary supplements. Think of all the potential customers, which can translate into extra income in your pocket. It has been predicted that 14 million new millionaires will be created from the dietary supplement industry in the next 4 years. For those who can see the future, here is an opportunity to take control of their lives.

Ground Floor Opportunity
Divine Health Solutions will be at the fore-front of both coming revolutions, which have already begun. Divine Health Solutions is offering you the chance to get in on the ground floor of this opportunity.

Today, start building a more secure and healthier future for you and your family.
Ninety-seven percent of the people control 3% of the wealth, while 3% of the people control 97% of the wealth. It is time for you to wake up and take your share. Full- or part-time, you
Can start building a business today which can bring you an extra $400 per month part-time and up to five figures per month full-time. This is income you receive whether you work or not. Just think of the things you could do with that extra income. What dreams do you have that has gone unfulfilled because you didn’t have the money?

Comprehensive Training.
Consumers are looking for ways to live healthier lives and need knowledgeable guides to show them the way. With our comprehensive training and ongoing support, you can't fail. You may say: "I don't know anything about health and nutrition." We spent 14 years in research, and have developed an easy-to-follow training manual which covers what you will need to know about health and nutrition to get started. Our training covers an easy to follow, step-by-step method we have developed, which will allow you to immediately start helping others with thier health and making money on retail sales. Additionally, we have a section on basic sales skills included in your training designed to help those who say they have never sold anything... After you have completed our training, you should be well on your way to building a more secure future for you and your family.If you never sell one product the information in this training, about health and natural healing, would be well worth the cost of the entire program!

We are not a network marketing company.

What we are is a company dedicated to empowering people to take control of their health and wealth. First, we have developed a turnkey system that includes comprehensive product training, sales training, and marketing materials. Once you get those materials in your hands you can start earning money that very day. We designed our programs so that you can start making money immediately. From the very first product you sell, you’ll make money. Another way we are different is because we have developed a system for advancement within the organization. As a consultant becomes experienced they have an opportunity to move into management as a trainer. As a trainer you receive a bonus from the sales of the people you train. We train you to develop your own sales organization, giving you a residual income for now and the future.

Why are we different from the rest?

The Divine Health Solution Difference!

1) Highest Quality Products:

Divine Health Solutions’ products are all natural, premium quality herbal compounds made from plants that are either organically grown or wild crafted, packaged in vegetable cellulose capsules. These products contain no petrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides, animal products, sugar, starch, yeast, synthetic chemicals, or filers. We believe that products unaltered by man, the way the all-knowing God designed them to be, are the best products which can return man to his natural state of Health

2) Top Professionals

Our herbalist has over 62 years combined experience... This ensures that our products are developed and tested by the best possible professional in the field. Our staff of herbalist has spent years helping others improve their health naturally and is committed to bringing the best product to the market. Their experience and integrity ensures our customers they are getting products that are safe, effective and proven to work. Our team is there to help our distributors become successful in their own health and nutrition business.

3) On Going Support:

Our staff is available to assist customers and distributors before and after they make a purchase. Our team can assist our distributors design a program that is individualize to meet their needs... Distributor and customers can e-mail their question to our staff and expect an answer within 48 hours..Or call during regular business hours.

4) Profitable Products

From the very first product you sell, you’ll make money. Our products are highly consumable, which means, once they get started, people will use them every month. Your customers will come back to you every month to purchase more products The highest quality products ensure you are giving your customers the best possible products and they will come back for more..

5) Helping Others

Think of the personal satisfaction of helping others improve their health, while creating wealth. As you help others, you will be building a business of your own. Through our commitment to research and development, we envision a company providing natural remedies for many of today's preventable health problems. We believe our products will sell themselves once the consumer is educated on their options for better health and well-being. We believe that, by helping others, one also helps one's self. Our main goal is to help others with their health and wealth!

There are three ways to make money with Divine Health Solutions. Our compensation plan was designed to be simple and financially rewarding, for both full- and part-time distributors.

Retail profits

Distributors make $7.00 to $10.00 on each bottle they sell.

10 bottles =$100.00

Group bonus

Distributors in good standing receive a group bonus
A group consists of 12 distributors or more who work together, a percentage of their group volume in sales is divided between the members of the group.
(Maximum 70 members in a group)

Trainer bonus

For individuals who reach the skill and knowledge levels to train other distributors can receive a special bonus, which will be a percentage of the sales of the people they train and provide ongoing support too.

Incomes may vary. There is no implied or express guarantee of income.