About us and mission statement

Mission Statement

Divine Health Solutions, is an alternative health organization dedicated to the notion that individuals can take control of their personal health and happiness, thereby being empowered. We are committed to excellence. Faith, Hope and Love are our inspirational guiding lights, which apply to all of our natural principles and remedies. Our main intention is to help improve the health of mankind through natural foods, supplements, herbs, as well as to disseminate information for the mind, body and soul. With the sincere desire that the whole person will begin to be as healthy as our perfect creator intended.

Company Profile
Divine Health Solutions, LLC
Empowering people to take control of their health and wealth--one person at a time!

Divine Health Solutions, LLC, was started in 2012 and is based in Michigan. Our company offers a complete line of herbal products, education and proven ways to earn extra income.

Our herbalists have over 62 years of combined experience... This ensures that our products are developed and tested by the best possible professionals in the field. We are commented to bringing wellness products, services, and information to the communities in which we work and live. Our continued efforts in research and development will keep our company on the cutting edge of new products and discoveries from around the world.

Divine Health Solutions’ products are all natural, premium quality herbal compounds made from plants that are either organically grown or wild crafted, packaged in vegetable cellulose capsules. These products contain no petrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides, animal products, sugar, starch, yeast, synthetic chemicals, or filers. We believe that products unaltered by man to be, the best products which can return man to his natural state of health, the way the all-knowing God designed them to be.

In 2012, Divine Health Solutions was founded to meet the growing need for alternative Health in our communities. Divine Health Solutions management team included:
Darrick. L. Gardner-- President. Drawing on his 17 years of Sales and Marketing at fortune 500 companies and 18 years experience as an herbalist Co- Founded Divine Health Systems...
Eugene Williams- Joined Divine Health Solutions in 2012 as Vice President of Sales and Marketing after 20 years of operating his own successful business. Eugene is a licensed minister.

Divine Health Solutions has a dedicated support staff of professionals who are committed to assisting our customers, distributors, and internet affiliate marketing group in meeting their health and income goals.

Divine Health Solutions has three divisions: Retail, Distributorship and Internet affiliate Marketing. Each group services a different need in the market place.
Retail handles sales over the internet through direct sales to the public.
Distributorship is composed of a group of highly trained, independent distributors selling directly to the general public.
The internet affiliate marketing group consists of independent contractors who direct customers to our site and receive referral fees...