Prostate PSA Combo Hoxsey+Immune Boost formulas

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The combination of these formulas worked together to bring prostate PSA scores down. The Hoxsey formula has been used for 100 years as an adjunct to cancer treatment and is still being used in the Hoxsey Clinic in Mexico. The Hoxsey formula is considered a traditional herbal blood cleanser. The Immune Boost formula is a unique blend of medical mushrooms, that have shown in studies conducted in Japan to have anti-cancer properties and that they will boost the immune system. The combination has been effective in lowering PSA scores in some men, we are not claiming this a cure for cancer, but we have seen lower PSA scores after men have taken them over a period of time.


"I had a PSA score of 128 and was told I had prostate cancer.  I started on the PSA combo and after some months my PSA numbers went back to normal. That was over 12 years ago and I have continued to take the product with good results"