Blood Cleaner

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The influence of the herbs in this formula will gradually alter the composition and constitution of the blood and lymph. This is accomplished through the removal of metabolic wastes that build up in the circulatory fluids and through the gentle nourishing and re-mineralizing effects that these herbs have upon the blood. Also, wasted tissue and cells are sloughed off and directed to elimination channels for removal from the body. At the same time, new healthy tissue growth is encouraged with this herbal blend. Excessive impurities in the circulatory fluids are often times the cause of metabolic changes in the body tissues and skin which may eventually give rise to a host of diseases, tissue damages, and skin condition like eczema and psoriasis. The Blood cleaning formula reduces toxins in the blood and liver. The Blood cleaning formula is effective for toxemia, lymph stagnation, lymph edema and swollen lymph gland