Things you should know about the Immune System.

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⦁ Things you need to know about your immune system. Part (1)
⦁ Immune System

One of God’s greatest creations is the human body. Yet with all of its splendor and greatness, the human body’s survival is still fragile. In the world today many invisible aggressors and pollutants plague our air, water and food~ therefore our body’s defense mechanisms are very important. The immune system is a network of mechanisms and processes that keep us safe from cancer, bacteria, viruses, yeast/fungi infections, and any other toxins that may invade the body. The immune system is the body’s security force, that patrols the body for outside invaders and controls run away cells from within. Certain cells within the immune system have memories, the B and the lymphocytes; have memories, which enable them to quickly respond to infections they have encountered before, this is what we call immunity . The internal surveillance system is also alert to abnormal cell division within tissues, and a healthy immune system will eliminate potential cancers at an early stage. The development of any disease depends upon the integrity of this system. Cancer is called an opportunistic disease because it takes advantage of the body’s inability to defend itself from tumors developing and invading it.
The immune system’s prime function is to protect the body against infection and development of cancer. We see the viral infections attacking the world today and it effects the people with weaken immune systems the most. The coronavirus uses the body own immune system to keep sounding the alarm. The body's immune system then haves a hyper response to the virus, causing inflammation, which inturn makes it hard to breathe. This is when coronavirus patients start to go down hill.
Today, our immune systems are overworked due to our polluted environments filled with carcinogenic (cancer causing) agents in the air, water, and food. Over time, this causes the immune system to accumulate damage and become defective. If the immune system has too many toxins to deal with, it can not mount an effective attack of disease as it should. Detoxing the blood and liver helps the immune system to function properly, because if it has fewer toxins in the body to deal with, it can better mount an attack at disease. Also, the lymphatic system is a important part of the immune system, for the Immune system to function properly the Lymphatic must be functioning properly. (see Blood and Lymphatic. ) Diet and lifestyle have profound effects on the immune system as well. Too much stress severely depresses the immune system. All these factors have caused the large increase in cancers and other diseases like autoimmune diseases we face today. Another factor that has affected our immune systems is the depletion of nutrients in our foods. The immune system requires enormous amounts of nutrients. Without the proper nutrients our immune systems are too weak to fight off the diseases that invade our bodies daily. The overuse of antibiotics in our food supply (chicken and beef) is another reason why our immune systems have become defective. Vaccinations also weaken our immune systems. Vaccination works by introducing a weaker version of a disease into the body and having the immune system make antibodies to fight the disease, the immune system remember this disease and the next time it enters the body the immune system knows what to do, thus we become immune to that disease . And the increase use of microwaves to prepare our food weakens our immune .
Cancers invade the body daily; it’s our immune system that stops the continued development of cancer. Cancer is a result of a failure of the Immune System! Treating Cancer with radiation and chemotherapy weakens the Immune System. The Immune System must be strong in order to fight CANCER and other diseases. The Immune System is the only thing that can kill 100% of cancer cells. A strong immune system is the best defense for the prevention of cancer and other diseases. Now, is the time to have a strong immune.

Factors that Weaken Our Immune System

⦁ Nutritional Deficiencies
⦁ Chemical Toxins etc.
⦁ Environmental Molds
⦁ Stress
⦁ Food and Inhalant Allergies

A Weakened Immune System may allow these conditions to develop:
⦁ Cancer
⦁ A.I.D.S
⦁ Fatigue, Headaches, Abdominal Pain, Depression, etc.
⦁ Bacterial and Viral infections
⦁ Allergies
⦁ Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, Arthritis, Lupus, etc.
⦁ Increased Chemical Susceptibility

Divine Health Solutions has developed the IMMUNE BOOST and IMMUNE MODULATE FORMULAS, to strengthen and modulate the immune system:

The Immune Boost Formula targets the body’s deepest line of defense. The herbs bring support to all deep immune functions and activate cellular immunity. The five mushrooms in this formula have been researched in Japan and have been shown to improve the immune systems in people with weaken immune systems. This compound may be used therapeutically for chronic conditions as well as for deep immune support. We also have a formula to help modulate the immune system, Immune Modulate formula is designed to balance an under active immune system as well as balance an over active immune system. This formula will help strengthen the immune system as a precaution for viral infections or help with a active viral infection. Useful for viral infections with hyper immune response, to help modulate the immune response.
The Immune Boost formula is used when there is chronic immune deficiency or breakdown of the deep immune functions. Use as an adjunct to the treatment of cancer, AIDS, arthritis, lupus, blood disorders, anemia, amenorrhea, Epstein Barr Virus. This compound may also be used when there are recurring cold/flu infections, which prevail chronically throughout the winter.