Kidney Cleanse Formula

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This formula will help strengthen the kidneys; most people in America have weak kidneys due to poor diets. The formula contains diuretic, antiseptic, and emollient principles, which act to gently stimulate kidney excretions, disinfect the urinary tract, and soothe irritated urinary membranes. This compound also functions as a restorative tonic to the entire urinary system.

Our kidneys consume a lot of energy in their efforts to remove metabolic waste from the circulatory system. Periodic herbal support reduces the stress accumulated throughout the renal system.  In this formula there are herbs whose primary function is to gently increase kidney excretion.  This will cause toxins that are circulating throughout the blood and lymph system to be carried out of the system.  Parsley, an ingredient in this formula, is a safe and natural diuretic that spares potassium, unlike synthetic diuretics. Other ingredients in this formula can help with bladder infections and inflammation of the kidneys.  This formula is high in nutrients that support good kidney function. Properly functioning kidneys are key to good health and proper elimination.

Suggested uses: Take one capsule one to twice a day. This formula is designed to tone the kidneys.  For best results this formula should be taken from one to four weeks.

Contraindications: Do not take during pregnancy or if you have kidney disease