Hair Growth Formula

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Hair Growth Formula:

Beautiful, long and healthy hair comes from good nutrition. Our hair growth formula works from the inside out for hair that is glowing and healthy. It was designed to provide your hair the nutrients it needs to grow strong. One of our ingredients is horsetail, this herb is high in silica. Silica has been shown to encourage hair thickness. Horsetail also impacts your collagen production in a positive way that will improve your hair health and overall looks. This formula contains sage which stimulates hair growth, an astringent and acts as a scalp tonic. Dulse is another ingredient that is high in iodine, high in minerals, and vitamins needed for the skin, hair, and nails. The ingredients in this formula provide the foundation of nutrients needed for health hair, thus promoting hair growth.

This comprehensive formula was designed to grow long, strong, beautiful hair from the inside out by providing the essential nutrients the hair needs to be healthy. Many womwn have reported hair, with improvements in the texture and overall health of thier hair.

Sggested usage: Take two capsules twice per day to start. Then, take two capsule once per day, after starts to grow. Best results, if take for 6 months or more