Blood Cleaner

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"The life of the body is  in the blood" Moses states in the bible Lev. 17

Many natural healers believe that cancer can not live in clean & pure blood.

The herbs in this compound are classic  blood and lymphatic alteratives  which alter the catabolic tissue condition and brings about an improved sate of  well-being through improved metabolism and elimination. These herbs target the organs of metabolism, improving their functions and restoring their vitality by carrying more blood and nutrient supply to the cellular level and promoting greater excretion at the cellular level.

This compound cools excess heat in the blood and liver and may be used specifically in the treatment of cancer, eczema, psoriasis, tumors, cysts, toxemia, lymphedema, swollen and caseated lymph nodes psoriatic  and gouty arthritis, acne and all skin disturbances. This compound may be used as a spring tonic to promote detoxification. This formula works well with the kidney cleanse formula. 

Take two to three capsules up to three to four times per day. Best results are achieved if taken for 2 to 4 months.